Libraries and Publishing Center

Library of KSMU holds more than 5,00,000 volumes in English and Russian , is subscribed to 90,000 periodicals including magazines , journals and newspapers.

Information about periodical articles is available in a variety of indexes. The indexes are printed in book forms.

Internet is available for students, Interns and postgraduates to refer materials online.

The books, journals in English, Russian and other language are added to the collection of books regularly.

Libraries and Publishing Center


University have 5 Reading Halls and 2 reading halls which is situated in the Hostel no; 4 and Hostel no; 5.

All books and journals are available to the students free of charge.

Publishing Center

KSMU has its own Publishing Center. Books, Scientific and methodological article, Research Reports and other materials are published in the Publishing Center of the University.

"KSMU News" is a one of the popular news papers, published every 3 months.

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