1. How often can I visit my family?
    Students usually travel home during the winter and summer vacations. Winter vacation covers maximum of one month (In January) and Summer vacation covers two months (July and August)

  2. What kind of housing is available for students?
    KSMU guarantees all International students with fully furnished hostel accommodation. Most students live in hostels for the first two years, although off-campus housing is readily available.

  3. What percentage of students live in University premises?
    Approx. 85% of students live in University resident halls (Hostels) and the rest live on Apartments out of the University.

  4. Where will I live?
    All students are guaranteed a place in the student hostels. Options are also available to rent a furnished apartment at a very low cost.

  5. What Security services are offered by KSMU?
    Security officers are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week covering University premises, Students hostels and surroundings.

  6. Is the atmosphere extremely competitive?
    Although medical students are apt to strive for success in all they do, the atmosphere is not particularly competitive. Generally, students study in groups and help each other in many ways. Perhaps because of the devoted faculty, perhaps because the campus lends itself to a close-knit community, or perhaps because the students at KSMU are the kind of people that they are as students support each other and work well as a team.

  7. Do students need to bring their own computer?
    Many students do have their own computers. There are Internet ports available in Students Hostels, which provide fast Internet access, for a affordable fee. If you don’t have your own PC, there are computers at the University premises that are available to use. There is an increasing amount of the curriculum, which is linked to the Internet.

  8. Do students need a car?
    Cars are certainly a convenience for students living away from the university. However, because Kursk city provides well standard Transport service 24 hours a day, because this is really a campus community and because so many students do not have cars, those without a car can manage quite easily.

  9. What kinds of activities can students participate outside the class (besides studying!)?
    KSMU offers a huge range of social, Sport, athletic and service-oriented clubs and organizations. KSMU has more than fifty clubs and organisations that are open to student membership .The College supports these as essential to the well being of our students and as a significant enhancement to the vitality of the community. Students have great opportunities in creating new activities of importance to them.The Student Senate is an active and important component of the academic and social community.

  10. Are there gyms nearby?
    There is a gym on campus that is open weekdays. It has Stairmasters, treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights and nautilus. For those who prefer a larger gym, there are several in the area. Prices vary, but they give special offers to KSMU students.

  11. What is the profile of your student population?
    Our students are a truly diverse group. They come from all over the world with a heavy.

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