Conference of KSMU - 2003

Conference of KSMU - 2003, held on 11th August at Urban Council Hall, Trincomalee with the participation of Director of Medicine Dr. (Mrs.) I. Tharmarajah , Provincial Director of Education Mr. K. Thilakarathapani & Srilankan Representative of the University Mr. Yasoba N. Atukorale.
Kursk State Medical University is the First university in Russia to begin English medium programs.

Keep protecting national traditions by lighting the Traditional Oil Lamp conference began and all participants sellout to national anthems Srilankan & thereafter Russian.

Mr. Atukorale , Srilankan Representative of the University has given a discretion about studies in Russia and the university. He began his address by announcing message of vice-chancellor of the University. Further he elaborate the details by a video & Slide program Accord to his address presently more than 5000 students are studying at KSMU and out of them nearly 200 are Srilankans.

Also "My duty is to provide education assistance (guidance) to SL students, seeking admission in KSMU, well as to minimize illegal immigration acts under the name of KSMU. For the convenience of prospective students I have appointed & authorized some of leading Student recruiting companies from many district of the island, to work with me. Also Srilankans are always welcome to directly contact me regarding inquires, registrations or the details of malpractices under the name of KSMU" he said.

he thou rally mentioned "According to the International recognition, we strictly consider prospective students to have minimum of 2 C,S passes (Bio Scheme) from local or London A/L , as basic qualification in admission. Also NO student can apply to KSMU only with his/her O/L results."

"KSMU is a leading university in Russia taught in English Medium. Presently there are number of students graduated from KSMU and they proforme well in Sri Lanka. Therefore by the time we do not hesitate to to recommend the university is ia a one of the best Medical Colleges in the world." The Dirctor mf Medicine Dr. Tharmarajah said.

She has mentioned that's it's a great opportunity for Srilankan Students , since KSMU offer it's service for a effort able rate as 3000 USD per annum.
"According to the competition of education in Srilanka , we couldn't guarantee & it's very hard to enter to a local university. So this is a good option for students with required qualification to enter KSMU and earn a world recognized degree" Dirctor of Education , Mr. Thilakarathapani said.
Further he thank the Organizing Committee of this event & to Mr. Y.N. Atukorale for choosing Trincomalee to held their annual conference and make easier the entrance to university by having island wide network.

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